Jefferson County Planning Commission
Hybrid Hearing Meeting

Hearing Room 1 / Virtual Hearing via WebEx Webinars
100 Jefferson County Pkwy
Golden, CO 80419

Instructions for Public Comment/Public Testimony for Virtual Hearings via WebEx Webinars:


If a citizen wishes to make public comment or provide public testimony virtually during the hearing, they will be required to log into the meeting using a computer. (Note: Public Comment is not taken during the Pre-Meeting.)


When you log into the online event, please send a Chat message to the Host (staff), if you wish to provide general comments or comments related to a specific case on the agenda. Please provide your first and last name, address, and the topic of your comment or case number, and you will receive confirmation once you have been added to the list.  


During the designated time for public comment or public testimony on a specific case, your name will be called in the order it was received. Your microphone will be unmuted once your name has been called. You will have three minutes to provide your testimony, or ten minutes if you represent a Registered Association.


If you plan on testifying at the hearing, please pre-register online or contact the case manager listed on the agenda so we can be sure your voice is heard. If you want to present documents, images or a presentation to the Planning Commission, please send the files to the case manager prior to the hearing (24 hours at the latest) so we can ensure these documents are able to be presented during the hearing.


Event links can be found below or here:


Pre-Meeting: Faye Griffin Room / Webex Webinars (5:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.)
Pre-Meeting Connection Details (No Public Comment is taken):
Join the WebEx webinar from here:
Access Information
Webinar Number: 2495 924 3065
Webinar Password: ieRK6h7z7Gj (43756479 from phones)
Audio Connection: (720) 650-7664 Access Code: 2495 924 3065

Agenda Items:

  1. Director of Planning and Zoning, Chris O'Keefe
  2. Planning Manager, Russell Clark
  3. Planning Supervisor, Nick Nelson
  4. Other Staff
  5. Legal Counsel
  6. Administrative Assistant
  7. Case Review
  8. Chair & Vice-Chair Election Results
  9. Review of Motions (CAO)


Hearing: Hearing Room 1 / Webex Webinars (Approximately 6:15 p.m.)

Hearing Connection Details:
Join the WebEx webinar from here:

Access Information
Webinar Number: 2481 477 2744
Webinar Password: mBSBwZyz453 (62729999 from phones)
Audio Connection: (720) 650-7664 Access Code: 2481 477 2744

A short period for members of the public to appear without being scheduled ahead of time to make comments on planning matters not before the Commission at this time.

Location and Extent
Case Name: Bergen Valley Elementary School Addition
Owner/Applicant: Jefferson County Public Schools
Location: 1422 Sugarbush Dr, Evergreen
(AIN: 41-201-01-082 and AIN: 41-212-00-007)
Approximate Area: 15.5 Acres
Purpose: To allow a building addition to the existing Bergen Valley Elementary School with related site improvements.
Case Manager: Matthew Karney

Case Name: GreenVista Official Development Plan
Owner: Keith Michael Wynn, Jessica C. Wynn, Tamara L. Hanaway
Applicant: redT Homes, Joshua Botts
Location: 14095 & 14141 W 7th Ave and AINs: 49-063-00-096 and 49-063-00-097, Golden
Approximate Area: 3.52 Acres
Purpose: Rezoning from Residential – One (R-1) and Residential-Two (R-2) to Planned Development (PD) to allow for the development of up to seventy-five (75) single-family attached dwelling units.
Case Manager: Matthew Karney

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